Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What is the universe?

Homogeneous and Isotropic, bitch.

I'm going to lay down some ground work for these two concepts:


Homogeneous basically describes that on the grand scheme of things, every part of the universe looks basically like every other part of the universe. Easy. You look at one chunk of universe, albeit one very LARGE piece of universe, and it's gonna look roughly the same as some other huge portion of the universe.

I see your confused.

Let's say I'm eating a bowl of oatmeal, and I stirred the shit out of it after I added brown sugar. Basically every bite is going to have the same amount of brown sugar (I don't use milk). That's like the universe. The universe is kinda like a giant bowl of oatmeal to God. In that oatmeal example I represented God.


Basically if you look out all across the universe the entire thing is going to keep going, unified, in every direction. Like, it has the same physical properties in every direction. Like the opposite of Vegas. Every direction you turn in Vegas is a brand new fuck you to your eyes.

No. Not Vegas.

It's more like my dick. It keeps going, and always has the same physical properties, in every direction.


That's the universe in a nutshell. You wanna fight Stephen Hawking?

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